The primary mission of ISM is to educate its students, to develop their capacity for life-long learning, and to inculcate the methods of problem solving. We not only support our students, but also our academics. By developing their critical frame of mind and constructive way of thinking that is a characteristic of expert researcher, we gradually build-up their capability in the field of research.

By this, they can accelerate and develop their ability of learning, critical thinking and can be able to produce a qualitative results in both academic and research fields.

The secondary mission is to collaborate with other institutions and academicians to bring forth the academic success. In addition, we foster independent and genuine researches, which benefits the world.

For attaining our academic goals, we are been designing a memorandum of cooperation with researchers from around the globe to increase the productivity of the human resources to the student. All our departments not only investigate the most basic aspects of science, but also essay new treatments as clinicians.