Life in Bishkek

Bishkek with its mesmerizing beauty steals the hearts of all the people. The life of students in Bishkek is unique in its own nature. With major and crucial part of their life being spent here in our University, we try to provide the best we can to cherish their memories of life in Bishkek.

From the student’s heart:


“ Bishkek and ISM especially have helped me know my talent

and skills that I have got, and encouraged me totally to rediscover

myself. The friendly nature of the administration is one more

extraordinary thing that soothes out everyone. I will be missing

Bishkek at its peak for rest of my life.”

– Nanduri Raghuveer, graduate 2013.
“Learning the skills of Medicine is the main motto why I was here.GVS

I am proud that my school and time of 5 years in Bishkek has

taught me much more than that, in a perfect way. My time

here in Bishkek has molded me capable enough in taking up

any challenge ahead in my life”

– Gopavajhula Venkata Suryanarayana, graduate 2013.
“Public Health is the field which was not recognized well enough

earlier, but now it is the booming field across the world. My selectionmuddu

of Public health is the best thing that has happened to me, and

I am glad to say that ISM is the base of my happy carrier that I am

leading now in Chicago.”

-Muddasir Mohammed Ghouse, graduate 2008.
“Research is the field that has interested me since my childhood.

I have been getting training in my field of interest all the wayzeeshan

of my graduation there in Bishkek, and now I am doing my

research in Epidemiology in Netherlands. Thanks to ISM for

giving me my dream back to me.”

-Zeeshan Ali, graduate 2009.